Physicians' Untold Stories Reviews

“Few books have the power to transform lives…this is one of them!” – Sandy Fries, Professor of film and media.

"The stories are, by turns, emotional, inspirational, and incredible..." – Kirkus Reviews

“The book has true stories by doctors trained in science, yet they have spiritual, supernatural experiences. It is like a believable, true collection of "Twilight Zone" stories.” – SF (Amazon)

“I couldn’t put it down, and was frequently brought to tears!” – Mary Ellen Wright

“As a Registered Nurse, I can attest that I have seen and felt many unexplainable things in my 34 year career. This book puts into words how these experiences affect us as a community of caregivers, and offers a glimpse into a part of our world that is not often shared.” – Carrie Vournazos (Amazon)

“It is great to hear doctors confirm that there is a power higher than they, and that some things just can't be explained in this life.” – Charlene Taylor (Amazon)

“The stories are so personal and touching, that while reading I often found myself trying to read through tears.” – Monica Bennick (Amazon)

"I just read your book and was inspired, moved, entertained... I can't wait to share this book with pre meds.” – D.G. (medical Professor)

“…My impression is that your book will do more lasting good for your many friends, patients, and total strangers, than you may ever know. The message from your book transcends mortality..." – Bishop T.M. “Wonderful stories about there being a higher power.” – Kpann (Amazon)

“Hearing these true stories by respected professionals gives you that sense of hope.” – Leilani (Amazon)

"...Physicians' Untold Stories touches on divine, miraculous moments leading the reader to see the light, even in the darkest of moments.” – From West Suburban Living Magazine

“I could not put this book down. Working in the medical field I know there is more to healing then science…Read this book, it's uplifting and will renew your faith that there is someone bigger than you and I in control of the universe.” – S . Ridge.

“As a person of faith, I was surprised and heartened to find so many fine doctors who recognized God's hand in their work.” – Loretta R. Andersen (Amazon)

“Full of uplifting stories that point to the existence of a higher being... without being specifically religious. Answered prayers, inspired actions and life after death... Read with a box of tissues and be prepared for your hair to stand on end with goosebumps.” – Amazon Customer

“People of Faith like me remain thankful for real-life miracles affirmed in this remarkable series of short stories. Let's have a book now on nurse’s.” – Ray H. Smith

This book is full of hope, something needed in the trying times we are facing right now.” – C. Cavitt (Amazon)

“..a must read especially in this turbulent time we live in. It is truly a wonderful book that refreshes our faith and gives us all hope.” – Lynne (Amazon)

“…If you are in need of a reminder that God is alive, loves you, and is working in our daily lives, buy this book!….a beautiful collection of short stories by doctors bearing witness to the incredible power of our amazing God… The doctors, patients and their families are given miracles in some of their darkest moments. The collection should appeal to a very broad audience. Each story is very short, but very powerful. It can deliver a fast series of "wow" moments. It gave me fresh encouragement…” – Sandy Below

Truth is stranger than fiction!” – Ray H. Smith (Amazon)