The Book Launch Was A Success!

It's hard to believe that the book launch hosted by Northwestern Medicine at Central DuPage Hospital on the 22nd of September is already over.  To say it was a success would be an understatement in my eyes.  The event was from 3:30pm - 8:00pm and it seemed like the room was packed the entire time.  At the end of the launch, the final tally for book sales was over 500 copies. This will benefit the Pediatric Family Assistance Fund which helps support the children at our local Ronald McDonald House, among others !  Then there were the donations.  Many people came prepared to help with this cause and the final count for additional charitable donations was over $10,000 making the launch's total contribution to charity over $14,000!  It was also great seeing many of the other physicians featured in the book get a chance to be in the spotlight.  They were giving out autographs almost the entire night!  The Naperville Sun and the Daily Herald were there to take some pictures and the article in the Naperville Sun has already been published.  

What made the evening so special though, was the fact that it was not just about me.  It was great seeing people come from all around the area to support the other doctors featured in Physicians' Untold Stories.  This work isn't just mine.  I was fortunate enough to compile these amazing true stories into one book.  The other 26 doctors finally received their recognition during the launch.  

It has been heartwarming to see these stories getting into the hands of people who really need a motivational or inspirational boost in life.  Hearing the readers' own stories every day is one of the special rewards for me!