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Dr. Kolbaba and Physicians' Untold Stories Featured on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Dr. Kolbaba was recently invited to appear on Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole podcast.  In The interview, Dr. Kolbaba enthusiastically discusses his experiences in writing Physicians' Untold Stories, a few stories from the book, and the overall message that the book brings to the world.  

The podcast can be heard HERE

Catch Dr. Kolbaba's Latest Speaking Engagement Tomorrow At The Wheaton Public Library

Be sure to catch Dr. Kolbaba's latest speaking engagement tomorrow, February 1, at 7:00 p.m. CST at the Wheaton Public Library.  Join 40 others who have signed up to hear about the beginnings of Physicians' Untold Stories, a few stories from the book, and more!

Wheaton Public Library  

225 N Cross St, Wheaton, IL 60187  

Global Village Storytelling: The Dime

Today a blog post was released by Global Village Storytelling featuring a story from Dr. Kolbaba and Physicians' Untold Stories.  It is a compliment and honor for Dr. Kolbaba to be featured in the post.  Be sure to check it out HERE  

Global Village Storytelling is an online community dedicated to narrative, storytelling, community, and well-being. The cornerstone is a belief in an enduring principle of life – we are all storytellers and we live our lives through a network of stories.  Our mission is to empower you to tap into the power of stories to share knowledge and experience, to create connections, to advance a cause, to dream a vision of a more humane future together. 

The Dime

Stephen J. Graham, MD

            I wondered if the unusual tattoo on John Walters’s arm might be related to the sadness in his eyes. He was seeing me in the emergency department for abdominal pain. I was initially hesitant to ask him about the tattoo, but curiosity got the best of me.

“Is that a coin?” I asked, pointing to his forearm.

“Yes,” he said.

“That’s a little unusual,” I said tentatively, not wanting to offend him.

“It’s a dime,” he said. “I did it for my son, Robby.”

He paused and took a breath. I soon realized why I had struck such a deeply emotional chord.

“He was killed,” he said as he stopped again to compose himself. “It was terrible, an accident on the expressway over ten years ago. He was my…only son. He loved coins and had an incredible coin collection. We would go through the change together to find the pennies, nickels, and dimes for his collection books. My wife and I would give him the rarer coins for his birthday and Christmas. His favorite collection was dimes, and he had an unusual knack for finding them everywhere. We would go to a Cubs game, and he would find a dime under his seat or on the sidewalk outside his favorite storefront Christmas window. Whenever we did anything special together, he would find a dime. It was really uncanny.

“I know you probably won’t believe this, but after he left us, I started finding dimes too. Anytime I do something that would have been special for him, I find a dime—vacations, dinners out, sporting events. They appear on the floor, under a plate, or anywhere. I can almost count on it now, and I think it’s his way of communicating. He looks out for me, like my guardian angel. I wanted Robby to know that I knew he was there, so I put this tattoo on my arm. If you look at it, the year is Robby’s birth year, and his name is right here, R-O-B-B-Y.”

“That’s a touching story,” I said, trying not to show my skepticism, while at the same time wishing it really was true. But it was true for John, and that was the important thing.

After I finished his exam, John went for a CT scan, which revealed a minor infection.

“I have good news,” I told him after the radiologist called with the report. “You won’t need to be admitted to the hospital. It’s a simple infection. I’m going to give you some antibiotics, and you need to follow up with your regular physician in three days. Oh, thanks for sharing Robby’s story with me,” I said as I turned to walk out of his room.

“I had a feeling you could help me,” he said. “Thanks.”

John’s story resonated in my mind, but I still couldn’t get myself to accept that a loved one could communicate from the other side.

I made my way back to the doctor’s dictation area where patients have no access. As I sat down at my computer to complete his notes, something on the floor caught my eye. I reached for it. A dime!

A sudden eerie feeling came over me. Then I smiled.

“Thanks, Robby,” I said under my breath, “for looking out for your dad…and for helping me believe.”

Provocative Enlightenment Radio Interview Is Now Here!

A few blog posts back on January 12th, it was mentioned that Dr. Kolbaba was going to be live on the radio with Eldon Taylor of Provocative Enlightenment.  Well, if you didn't get a chance to hear the interview live, you can still check out the recording using the link below.  Eldon and Dr. Kolbaba really connected on this interview and it's a must hear!  

You can listen to the interview HERE

Sandra Champlain of We Don't Die Radio Show Interviews Dr. Kolbaba!

Sandra Champlain of We Don't Die Radio Show recently spent some time with Dr. Kolbaba to discuss Physicians' Untold Stories.  The entire hour long interview was filled with stories of a number of doctors and their miraculous experiences.

Check out the full interview on HERE    

Check out the full interview on We Don't Die Radio's Website HERE

Dr. Kolbaba Was Recently Interviewed by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

Recently, Dr. Kolbaba was interviewed by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio to talk about his new book, Physicians' Untold Stories.  It was a lively discussion about some of the stories in the book and the unseen force in the universe that many call God.  

Listen to the interview on HERE

Check out more about Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio HERE